Much like choosing a TNC, when it comes to choosing which packet software to use, there are a many options. This can be overwhelming, so a suggestion may be to pick one capability to explore. Then, if you choose, you can expand capabilities.

Email Client for Packet Radio

Terminal Software:

APRS Mapping Software:

Bulletin Board Software:

TNC Emulators for SignaLink soundcards and KISS TNCs (like TinyTrak4 and TNC-X):

AGWPE will allow soundcards, like the SignaLink, to be used to interface a radio with a computer. AGWPE can be downloaded here.

Setup Instructions for Virtual TNC with a SignaLink (Direwolf and AGW Packet Engine)

DIREWOLF is a much more capable TNC Emulator than AGWPE. This can be used in Windows and Linux. I use this program with PR4WIN (Packet Radio for Windows) to use my SignaLink in packet radio. The Windows executable file for Direwolf can be downloaded here. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not made DIREWOLF with KISS TNCs--But it works great with a sound card such as SignaLink!)

Winlink Messaging Over Radio (WINMOR)