Occasionally configuration files, in the form of text files, need to be changed. This is done using a text editor, similar to Windows Notepad. A common text editor on the Raspbberry Pi is:


To start open a file in nano, navigate to the desired directory and type this command:

sudo nano filename

To open a file without first navigating to the desired directory send this command instead:

sudo nano /etc/dirctory/filename

When the document is complete, the file can be saved by typing:


You will be asked to confirm the file name, press:

Enter to use the same name. . .

Press Y for Yes to confirm

The file is now saved.

Copy and paste is possible in nano. Move the cursor to the portion to be copied using the arrow keys. Then select or highlight with:

Shift+arrow keys, any highlighted text is automatically copied.

Move the cursor where the text is to be pasted and:

Right Click Mouse to Paste

Other shortcuts include:

Cntrl-V to page down

Cntrl-Y to page up

Cntrl-W search the document for text

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