In order to use Certificate (also known as a Key) Authentication to access an SSH server, Two keys must be generated. The keys are generated simultaniously. One key is a private key and the other key is a public key. The private key is only stored on the remote computer/tablet/cell phone (and is usually encrypted). The public key can be distributed to anyone, including hackers and communist states, as the public key by its self does not allow access to the SSH Server.

There are a number of ways to generate RSA Certificates. Many times, an application is being used on the remote computer. These applications usually have a function that will generate RSA Certificates. Some common applications are:

Putty for Windows

connectbot for android SSH Client

Filezilla for Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for Windows and Linux

Ghost Commander w/ SFTP plugin for android

Links to these applications can be found on the Production Applications page that can be found Here.

Generate a certificate using command promt:

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