Outpost Packet Message Manager is a great client to use to interact with the Digital National Traffic System. Outpost PMM has Digital NTS form pre-prepared with many options available on an easy to read form. This particular page is specifically information for the ARES group in Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms, CA. Users from other areas may find useful ideas here as well.

The National Traffic System (NTS) is a highly organized network of volunteers that enjoy passing messages on behalf of those in need or want. These can be simple messages of “hello” to a distant friend, or legitimate messages out of a disaster area in support of government and non-government angencies as well as health and welfare messages on behalf of the victims. More information about the NTS can found: Here (NTS). The NTS passes these messages via voice radio nets, Morse Code, as well as via packet radio. Information about NTS Digital can be found: Here (NTS Digital).

Outpost PMM will have to be set up to interact with the NTS System. The screen shots below will outline how to set up Outpost PMM in 3 simple steps:

1. Select Setup (Circled in Blue.), then select BBS (Circled in Red).

Outpost NTS Selection and Setup.

2. Once the BBS is selected, Click on the RETREIVEING tab (Circled in Purple). Then select to receive NTS Messages and / or selected bulletins (Circled in Red.), also, select with bulletins to download. (Circled in Blue.) Last, click: OK (Circled in Green)

{In an effort to reduce extranious RF, please only pull bulletins that are addressed to: W6BA, ARES, ARRL via radio. Other bulletins can be pulled into Outpost via an Internet link--ask me how}

At this point, Outpost is set up to recieve NTS Traffic Messages from the BBS.

Outpost NTSSetup.

The following instructions will enable the user to send traffic messages via the NTS:

3. Open a new message in Outpost. Then, click on NTS to make this message and NTS message (Circled in Red)

Outpost NTSSetup.

4. An NTS message form will pop up. Enter all of the necessary information, then Click: SAVE (Circled in Red)

Outpost NTS Message Form.

5. After saving the NTS Message Form, an Outpost Packet Message will appear that is populated with all of the necessary NTS information. Verify details such as city and zip code in the TO: line, then Click: SEND (Circled in Red) to send the Digital Traffic message on its way.

Outpost NTS Message Form.


NTS Messages can now be sent using Outpost Packet Message Manager.

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