Installing Outpost:

1. Download Outpost from the Home page.

Outpost Download.

2. Select the most up to date executable file.

Select Download.

3. Select Save, to download the file.

Save the download to your computer.

4. From the folder in which Outpost was downloaded to, select the downloaded file. Then, select Run as in the blue circle below:

Run the download.

5. It is suggested that all other applications be shut down prior to installing Outpost. Then click Next.

Shutdown other appliations.

6. You will be asked to read and Agree to the Software License Agreement. Click Next.

Agree to End User Licensing Agreement.

7. Select the location of where to save the program files. The default location is an appropriate place. Click Next.

Select location to save program.

8. Select a location for Outpost data (such as saved messages) to be saved. A folder such as Documents may be appropriate. Click Next.

Select where to save program data.

9. Select the components that you want Outpost to install.

Select Components to be installed.

10. Select the name of the folder in the Start Menu where start up shortcut links will be saved.

Select name of start up folder.

11. Decide if you want Outpost to put icons (there are about 6 icons) on your Desktop. Uncheck for no icons.

Icons on the Desktop?.

12. Outpost is now ready to install. Click Install to begin.

Install Outpost.

13. Prior to the install, Outpost will list information about the install.

Outpost will show information about the install.

14. Once the install is complete, Click finish.

Install complete.

15. Install is complete.

Instructions for the setup of Outpost can be found: Here.

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