Outpost is packet radio made simple. It was created to resemble an email client to send and receive packet messages. Outpost is capable of sending ICS-213 forms to other packet users. Packet radio usually consists of a variety of commands from a command prompt. Outpost provides a user interface that is a window that is controlled with mouse clicks. There is no need to know or understand any of the command prompt commands. Outpost is not capable of sending attachments, keyboard-to-keyboard conversations. Therse are better utilized with a terminal program like Putty.

*** These instructions have been tested and work with a Kantronics KPC3+ in a matter of minutes. ***

*** This instructions have been found to work with a SignaLink (using AGWPE to connect to W6BA) however, exact Sound TX and Sound RX as well as delay settings must be found on the SignaLink***

User Setup:

1. Start Outpost from the start menu. The first page will set up the user. Enter the callsign and the name of the user. Also choose to see this page on each startup (blue circle)

User Identification in Outpost.

2. Select 'Setup' from the tool bar, then TNC from the drop down menu.

TNC Setup.

Operating Outpost with a KPC3+:

3. The popular Kantronics KPC3+ is a default option when choosing a TNC. When complete, Click 'OK'.

If using a KPC3+, skip down to #6 to configure a BBS.

Setup an KPC3+.

Operating Outpost with a SignaLink:

4. To run Outpost from a KISS TNC or SignaLink or other sound card, first configure and start AGWPE.

Instructions for setting up and configuring AGWPE can be found: Here. Then select Setup from the tool bar and TNC from the drop down menu. Select: 'New' as is circled in red below.

Set up a custom TNC.

5. Click AGW Packet Engine, as shown in red circle. Then enter the description that appeals to you as shown in blue. Last, click the 'OK' button that is in the purple circle.

SignaLink Setup.

6. Next configure the Bulletin Board System (BBS) to be used. Select 'Setup' from the tool bar, and BBS from the dropdown menu.

Select to set up BBS.

7. Select 'New" to configure a new BBS to be accessed.

Define BBS.

8. Define a Bulletin Board System to be used. The connect name must be configured correctly. Also, select the TNC to be used, as shown in the blue circle. Then Click 'OK'.

Define BBS.

Or for a SignaLink- Choose the SIGNALINK for the TNC.

Define BBS.

11. A new message can now be started by clicking the 'New' button in the upper left corner of the page as shown in red.

New Message.

12. A new window will appear. Enter the BBS to be used as shown in red. Then enter the callsign (or email address) to whom the mail is being sent (blue circle). When the message is complete, Click the 'Send' button in the purple circle. This will send the message to the Outbox. There are options to send the message immediately, if desired.

Compose Message.

At this point the TNC or SoundCard must be connected to the radio and the radio must be on the BBS frequency. (W6BA-1 is on 145.050)

13. To send the message, Click on the Out Tray (red) to see your message. Then Click the Send/Receive Button (blue) to send the mail on its way.

Send Message.

14. Outpost can also send email through the Winlink system. More information about the Winlink system can be found Here.

Winlink Outpost.

15. These are the basics. As you navigate the menus, there are lots of options. Multiple BBS can be accessed. Also automatic polling will check and pop messages every few minutes, if desired. Also ICS Messages can be sent if desired.

Messages can now be sent using packet.

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