*** Before starting on encrypted email, you will need to install an email client. A client is a program that sits on your computer and interacts with an email server. These instructions will walk you through how to install an email client called: Thunderbird.

If you are intending to use encyrption, you will need to first load GPG4WIN. The Download and Installation instructions can be found: here

Download Mozilla Thunderbird:

Go to the Mozilla Thunderbird website for the most current version here or go straight to the download (as of 21 May 2016) here.

A. Download the file by clicking on the Mozilla Thunderbird Free Download file (Circled in Blue), then in the pop-up, Click: Save File (Circled in Red)

Choose a Passphrase or click on Cance to skip Passphrase.

B. A pop-up may appear asking if you want to run the file. Click: Run (Circled in Red)

Click:  Run.

C. The Mozilla Thunderbird Install Wizard will appear. Close all other running applications, then Click: Next (Circled in Red)

Click Next.

D. You will be asked to choose the Standard setup. You can choose Standard Install and Check box to make Thunderbird the default email application. Then Click: Next (Circled in Red)

Click Next.

E. The next screen will ask the location to store the file. The default location is usually the most appropriate. Click: Install (Circled in Red)

Click:  Install.

F. Let the Install Wizard complete, then Click: Finish (Circled in Red)

Click:  Finish.

G. The Thunderbird application will start. Click on the Email Icon to start the account configuration process. (Circled in Red)

Click on Email Icon.

H. If you already have an email account that you will use with Thunderbird, Click: "Skip this and use my existing email" (Circled in Red)

Click:  Skip this and use my existing email.

I. In the Mail Account Setup page, enter all of the necessary information for your existing email account. Once that information is entered, Click: Continue (Circled in Red)

Click Continue.

J. Once Thunderbird completes configuration with your email account provider, Click: Done (Circled in Red)

Click:  Done.

K. Now you will be able to see your email account folders populate in the column on the left. Click on: Inbox.

Click on:  Inbox.

L. From this screen, users can send and receive messages. Download awaiting messages to and from the server by clicking: Get Messages in the upper Left corner. This is what the Inbox on the client will look like:

Thunderbird Inbox.

To enable encrypted emailing, an add-on/plugin called: Enigmail must now be installed.

Now is a good time to take a break before moving on to encrypted email. When ready Click: Here.

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