*** Before starting on encrypted email, you should have already created PGP Encryption Keys and installed Thunderbird Email Client.

If you are intending to use encyrption, you will need to first load GPG4WIN. The Download and Installation instructions can be found: here

Instructions to install Thunderbird Email Client are here: here.

A. To enable encrypted emailing, an add-on/plugin called: Enigmail must be installed. With Thunderbird email client open, Click on the Menu Icon in the Upper Right Corner of the Screen (Circled in Red), Then in the pop-up Click on: Add-ons (Circled in Blue)

Search for: Enigmail

B. Click on: Get Add-ons in the left column (Cicrled in Red), Then type the word: Enigmail in the Search Bar (Circled in Blue), then: Search by clicking the Search Icon (Circled in Purple)

Search for Enigmail.

C. Find the Enigmail OpenPGP Message Encryption add-on, and Click: Install (Circled in Red)

Install Enigmail.

D. Let the Install run. When complete Click on: Restart Now. (Circled in Red) Thunderbird email client will shutdown. You will need to start Thunderbird again.

Restart Thunderbird.

E. Once Thunderbird restarts, Click the Menu Icon (Circled in Red), then Click on the Enigmail Drop-down arrow (Circled in Blue).

Open Enigmail Options.

F. From the Drop-down box, Select: Setup Wizard (Circled in Red).

Start Enigmail Wizard.

G. In the Set-up Wizard, Select: Standard Configuration (Circled in Red), Then Click: Next (Circled in Blue).

Choose a Standard Configuration.

H. Next, you will select a Passphrase that will encrypt your key. You may want to choose a simple/short password that you will rememberfor a passphrase. Enter your chosen passphrase and confirm your passphrase. Then Click Next (Circled in Red) If you are able to skip the passphrase, that is an option too.

Choose a Passphrase or click on Cance to skip Passphrase.

I. You have now created both and Public Key and a Secret Key. Your Secret Key needs to stay on your computer, or transfer via USB to another of your own devices. Your public key needs to be sent to people who will send you encrypted email. Those people will use your public key to encrypt mail that you will decrypt with your secret key. Click Finish (Circled in Red) Now, Enigmail and Thunderbird are set up and are ready to send encypted email to everyone who has your Public Key. Your public key can be given to any and everyone and can even be posted in public places for people to download. No one can do anything nefarious with a public key. Follow the instructions at the end to export your public key.

Set up is Finshed.

J. Then next step is to set the owner trust. This will allow other users to trust your key, because you trust it. Click on the Enigmail Tab in the top toolbar, then Click on Key Management.

K. Next, Right Click on the key that you wish to set trust. (Circled in Red). Then Click on: Set Owner Trust (Circled in Blue).

This is also a good place to note, that if you see old keys for yourself on this page, you can choose to Revoke these keys and upload the revokation to public Keyservers. Also, if there are old keys from old email accounts, you can choose to disable those keys from this screen as well. Simply Right Click on the key in question and then either choose to Revoke or Disable as desired.

Set Owner Trust.

L. Because this is your key, you can Click on: Trust Ultimately. If you are setting trust on public keys that you have received from other people, the highest trust should be: Trust FUlly. Click: I Trust Ultimately. (Circled in Red)

Trust Ultimately.

M. You will need to sign the Key, also. Right Click on the key to sign, then Click on: Sign Key (Circled in Red)

Sign Key.

N. When signing the key, Choose: I have done very careful Checking (Circled in Red)

Very Careful Checking.

O. Now your public keys (and Public Keys only!) are ready to be exported and sent to others who will use your public key to send you encrypted email. There are two choices. Choose: Send Public Keys by Email (Circled in Blue). Simply fill in the email address of the recipient in the pop-up and send the Email. From here you can also choose to Export Keys and send the file as an attachment. (Circled in Red)

Export Public Keys.

P. Choose only to Export Public Keys. If you need to move your Secret Keys to another device, use a direct connection to the computer such as a USB cable to a cell phone or USB Drive. Click: Export Public Keys Only (Circled in Red)

Export Public Keys Only.

Q. If you have other devices that you want to use to send or check your mail, like your cell or another comptuer, simply follow these same steps only instead, choose to export your Secret Keys and transfer them to other computers or portable devices that you might use via USB. Emailing Secret Keys is not recommended. Only the Secret Key needs to be transfered to the other device, as the Secret Key contains both the Public and Secret Keys.

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