*** Before starting on encrypted email, you may want to know why this matters?

Email encryption is also possible on other platforms:

To reduce the size and complexity of this project, it may be best to break this project down into three separate tasks. Take a day or two break in between each task in order not be overwhelmed the whole task at hand.

In this process, there will be a couple of applications to download:

Alright, lets get started:

First: Download and install GPG4WIN. The GPG website can be found here and GPG4WIN can be downloaded here.

Install GPG4WIN:

A. Download the file by clicking on the gpg4win file (Circled in Red), then in the pop-up, Click: Save File (Circled in Blue)

Download the gpg4win file then Click on Save File.

B. Go to where the file downloaded to and click on the downloaded file (Many times the file will save to your Downloads Folder). The new file will be called gpg4win.2.3.0.exe. Also, you may have to right click on the file and choose: Run as Administrator. The Welcome page for the installation will come up. Click on Next (Circled in Red)

Click on Next.

C. Next will come the End User Licensing Agreement. Choose Next (Circled in Red) to agree to the conditions and agree to give up your immortal soul.

Click on Next.

D. A selection of Component Programs will pop-up. Leave the components as they are defaulted. Click: Next (Circled in Red)

Click on Next.

E. Choose where to install the program. The default location is usually best. Click: Next, (Circled in Red)

Click on Next.

F. Start the Install procedure by Clicking on: Install (Circled in Red)

Click on: Install to start.

G. After the Install is complet, Click: Next (Circled in Red)

Click on Next.

H. Click on: Finsh to complete the installation (Circled in Red)

Click on Finish.

Take a break, then come back and Install the Email Client: Thunderbird: Here.

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