The File Server runs on File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and resides on KJ6BOI Broadband-Hamnet web server and allows users to download files and programs. This server is only available on the HSMM network and is not available for normal Internet.

Only downloads are possible on this server and its current configurations, no uploads are possible without SFTP permissions.

FTP Servers are best utilized with an FTP Client. Filezilla is one of many clients available.

(Use care in third party sites hosting Filezilla downloads for Windows, as many download locations can harbor computer viruses. Suggest downloading directly from the Filezilla Website below)

More information about Filezilla FTP Client can be found at the Filezilla website.

When the client if first opened, the C: drive hierarchy of your local computer will be listed on the left side of the screen.

To navigate to the FTP Server, simply access the BBHN network and navigate to the FTP Server.

A username and password is required. Licensed users with BBHN access can contact the webmaster for username and password. The standard FTP port (21) is required. Users can should then be able to connect to the FTP server