Jeffrey, KJ6BOI is in the testing phase an email server designed for use by amateur radio operators who are actively engaged as beta users.

The primary use for this email system is to determine validity for use during support of public service during times of disaster.

This system is designed to work via the Internet or packet radio or via a Broadband-Hamnet Mesh network.

At this time webmail can only be sent to users witha email address. Email can not be sent to other internet addresses, however email can be received from the web.

However if an email client is used, email can be sent and receieved to other email addresses. Common email clients include: MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

In an effort to promote the amateur radio hobby, users are encouraged to access this system via packet radio of Broadband Hamnet Mesh, instead of utilizing the Internet.

This system uses a self-signed SSL certificate. Some web browsers will alert their users that this is an untrusted website.

Choose to trust the website and create an exception, if necessary.

Users will then be greeted by a SquirrelMail login page.

Users can login with their callsign and password

Once logged in, users are met with a web-based email system. This system can handle email and attachments, as well as read receipts.

Users can address email to:

The KJ6BOI email server can be reached here: From the MESH network or From the Internet

The Mozilla Thunderbird email client can be downloaded here or here.