*** Before starting on packet radio with a SignaLink, it is important to realize that this is not the traditional or easy method for packet radio. This is an option when no other options are available, for whatever reason. Packet with a SignaLink requires some fine tuning of both RX and TX sound levels. After a short amount of fine tuning, the SignaLink combined with Direwolf, will offer a reliable and predictable packet radio experience. Using the soundcard program Direwolf with Outpost has become a reliable and efficient way to participate in Packet Radio.

1. First, download and extract Direwolf:

I. Direwolf for Windows can be downloaded and extracted directly from: Here.

Here is the link to the downloads page: https://github.com/wb2osz/direwolf/releases

Right Click on AGWPE to start.

II. After downloading the .zip file, extract the .zip file to a Documents folder. (Do not place this in the Programs Folder)

Select Open to Start.

III. Select: Extract (Circled in Red) to continue extracting software.

Allow AGWPE to run on your computer.

Download and extract of Direwolf is complete.

2. Now, on to Starting and using Direwolf:

(Connect your SignaLink to a USB port before starting or configuring the Direwolf software.)

I. In the extracted Direwolf directory, click on: Direwolf.exe icon (Circled in Red)

Sometimes AGWPE will show up in the system tray.

II. If asked, select: 'Run' (Circled in Red).

Sometimes AGWPE will show up in the hidden icons area.

III. If asked, select: 'Allow Access' (Circled in Red)

Right click on twin radio towers to select properties.

IV. Direwolf will now start and is ready to communicate with soundcard devices (i.e. SignaLink) on port 8000. (This is what we want.)

Select New Port.

Direwolf is now up and running.

3. Now on to getting Outpost Packet Message Manager working with Direwolf:

(If required: Instructions on downloading and installing Outpost PMM can be found: Here.)

I. Open Outpost Packet Message Manager from the Start Menu. (Circled in Red and Blue)

Select configurations for SignaLink.

When Outpost PMM first opens, Users are asked for thier callsign.

II. Enter your Callsign (Circled in Red), then click: OK (Circled in Blue)

Select USB Audio Codec for SignaLink.

In Outpost PMM you will need to configure the TNC (In this case, the TNC is actually Direwolf), the users will need to configure that TNC to communicate with a particular BBS. (In our case, choose W6BA-1)

III. Enter the Setup Menu (Circled in Red), then click on TNC (Circled in Blue).

Select OK to close the configurations options page.

IV. Select: New (Circled in Red)

Exit AGWPE for settings to take effect.

V. First, enter a device name for the Direwolf TNC: i.e. Direwolf_AGW (Circled in purple).

Then click on the AGW Packed Engine radio button (Circled in Red), last click on AGWPE (Circled in Blue). Click: OK

Exit AGWPE for settings to take effect.

VI. The available options are show. Leave the defaults as they are, however, take note of port 8000 that was mentioned in Direwolf. This will route things heard on the SignaLink audio to Outpost.

Click: OK

Right Click on AGWPE to start.

VII. Next, setup the BBS. Select: Setup (Circled in Red), then Select BBS (Circled in Blue)

Right Click on AGWPE to start.

VIII. Next, Create a new BBS, Select: New (Circled in Red)

Right Click on AGWPE to start.

IX. To setup the W6BA-1 BBS: Fill in the Friendly Name: Yucca, the connect name: W6BA-1, and some description about the BBS. (Circled in Red)

AGWPE is properly started when twin radio towers with sound card are displayed in hidden icons.

X. Use the Drop Down Arrow to select the Direwolf_AGW TNC (Circled in Red)

AGWPE is properly started when twin radio towers with sound card are displayed in hidden icons.

For instructions on sending messages with Outpost Packet Message Manager, Click: Here.

For instruction on setting up Outpost Packet Manager with a traditional Hardware TNC (Such as a Kantronics KPC-3+), Click: Here.

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