Chat allows a number of users to have keyboard to keyboard conversations with eachother. There can be multiple chat sessions. While a Chat is in session, the node will ensure that each user personnaly stays updated with what other users have typed. Also, the users can type at will similtaniously. The Chat Node will process and distribute each message. It is common for users to end a thought or series of sentences with a 'k' to indicate that they are waiting for a response.

These same commands apply to the W6BA-2 Chat from a personal TNC that is being controlled by a terminal program such as Putty or Outpost Ipserial or Outpost Ipagwpe.

The CHAT feature exists on KJ6BOI or W6BA Nodes and allows users to send short, simple messages.

This page lists the instructions for how to use the CHAT feature on the these nodes.

There are two ways to connect to CHAT:

CHAT can be directly accessed by connecting to KJ6BOI-2 or W6BA-2 on 145.050MHz.