This page lists the instructions for how to use each of the Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) on the KJ6BOI-1 and W6BA-1 Nodes.

These commands can be used on the KJ6BOI-1 BBS or W6BA-1 BBS from personal TNC that is controlled by a terminal program such as Putty or Outpost Ipserial or Outpost Ipagwpe.

The first BBS is KJ6BOI-1 on 144.970MHz and 145.050MHz. This is located on the KJ6BOI node and is available for local licensed users to keep a mailbox, if one so desires.

The logging in to the BBS (KJ6BOI-1 for the first time, users will be asked for their name.

Users can add their local HOMEBBS with this command:

This hierarchal address will allow packet users from outside our local area to find your mailbox.